Halford Flood Meadow Diary

November 2021

19 Nov 2021

Considering the Flood Meadow Management Plan

We have received the thirty year draft management plan for Halford Flood Meadow. The 158 page document is comprehensive and details a mosaic of vegetated ground coverings and management strategies for them to thrive. We have shared this with our neighbour downstream and talked about the soil conditions and logistics of managing the meadow to achieve a good condition. He sent me a photo of Halford Bridge during the peak of the July 2007 flood event which certainly helps in the consideration of how we establish and manage the desired mosaic of vegetation.  You can see the destructive nature of the river at these high flows, this flood washed the parapet of the bridge away as the river overtopped it, turning the bridge into a weir. With the temperatures rising owing to climate change, the warmer air holds more moisture and therefore produces higher rainfall events, so although the 2007 flood was extreme, as long as the temperature of our atmosphere rises, the annual probability of events like this become greater.

by Mike Hopkins