Halford Flood Meadow Diary

October 2021

18 Oct 2021

Fish live in trees too!

Downstream of Halford Bridge (old bridge) there are willow trees that have come down into the river. It seems like the right thing to do to remove them, but this is not the case. Unless the trees pose a flood risk then it is better for the health of the river if you leave them in place. We have some substantial trees down at the moment and these were assessed on site by the Environment Agency Flood Risk Officer in September who consulted with colleagues. Between them they have said that the trees don't create an increased flood risk as they are downstream of the bridge and adjacent to a functional flood plain. They said that the longer we leave the wood in the river the better for biodiversity.  The trees are also hinged from the fixed landward trunk so there is little chance of the trees becoming mobilised in a flood and causing problems downstream. You can find out more from a really good Wildlife Trust document called "Fish live in trees too", it's worth a search on Google!

by Mike Hopkins

14 Oct 2021

Full House at the Village Hall.

Mike and Polly Hopkins gave a talk to a full house at Halford Village Hall last night. The LEO club (Ladies Evening Out) invited them to do a talk about their plans for Halford Flood Meadow. Polly started by providing the background to the acquisition of the flood meadow and Mike went into the reasoning behind choosing biodiversity as the leading factor for the proposed land use and then explaining the risks and challenges that lie ahead. Sharon Alexander from the club thanked Mike and Polly for an interesting talk and wished them every success in the regeneration of Halford Flood Meadow.

by Mike Hopkins