Halford Flood Meadow Diary

March 2023

23 Mar 2023

Time for another soil test

Our big problem with soil nutrients is becoming smaller! On the baseline soil survey of the meadow (Dec 2021) we recorded areas of high phosphourus which is not good to establish a species rich grassland, which is our target habitat. In March 2023 we took soil samples in similar locations to the baseline measurements and found that on the whole phosphourus had declined to a point where only two out of the ten measurements now exceed the reccommended level whereas there were five excessive measurements at the baseline level. Nutrient stripping is achieved by cutting the foliage and taking it away and also restricting the inputs to the field by minimising grazing and ommitting any fertilizers. This is good news for Halford Flood Meadow as it looks like there is an opportunity to sow some seed (EM02 Meadow Mixture) in Autumn 2023.


by Mike Hopkins