Halford Flood Meadow Business


Creating and protecting nature comes at a cost, however Storm Wildlife see the currency of biodiversity at a higher value than anything else on earth! From research it looks like we only have one chance left to reverse climate change and save our planet and that is through  increasing biodiversity. Landowners who commit their land to this cause will be rewarded through the sale of biodiversity units. The Halford Flood Meadow project is dedicated to proving a business model which demonstrates that flood plains within the River Stour catchment can return higher yields of biodiversity and profit than other agricultural activities. It is hoped that other landowners along the Stour Valley would see the benefits of this project and take the opportunities that are open to them. With more landowners onboard the Stour Valley would become a corridor of nature which will grow exponentially over time and therefore have a huge impact on our local environment and beyond. Mike Hopkins – Managing Director of Storm Wildlife is certain this is a great deal for the planet and its landowners and would happily discuss individual cases on a one-to-one basis.


Where your site is within the planning district of Stratford-upon-Avon and has limited options to create a 10% uplift in biodiversity from its baseline value, then under planning policy guidance you will need to offset the shortfall in biodiversity  locally to your project. Storm Wildlife can supply biodiversity units from their site at Halford Flood Meadow in South Warwickshire. By investing in this site will not only solve the problem of the biodiversity uplift but also open benefits to your company as arranged and private visits can be made to the flood meadow by your staff in late summer. They will be able to experience the progress of the flood meadow, go fishing or have a picnic by the river. It is a well-known fact that nature is good for mental health and well-being and visits to Halford Flood Meadow will be an occasion to look forward to.