Storm Wildlife became a reality through the vision of geospatial surveyor Mike Hopkins, who over 30 years has predominantly applied his surveying skills towards measuring the rivers of England & Wales. Mike is Managing Director of Storm Geomatics Limited the UK’s leading specialist for geospatial data capture of inland water bodies.

Growing up in the village of Halford in Warwickshire, Mike spent much of his childhood on the banks of and in the River Stour! Mike’s interest in rivers, their importance, character, and behaviour has resulted in his unique career path.

Moving back to Halford in 2014 with his young family the relationship with the River Stour was rekindled through the maintenance Mike undertook on his small reach of the river running though his property. A keen fisherman (but an unlucky one!), Mike began working with consultants to improve the habitat for different species of fish and fauna to flourish. When the opportunity came to purchase Halford Flood Meadow the idea of increasing the biodiversity adjacent to the river started to take shape and Storm Wildlife was born.

A biodiversity management process is now being planned for the next 30 years to improve the habitat of the flood meadow and encourage indigenous wildlife to return.

Mike’s vision is to encourage other landowners along the Stour valley to adopt a similar management process to eventually create a corridor of nature which will spread up the Stour tributaries and down to meet the River Avon in Stratford-upon-Avon.